Our first blog post…

by justparentsinlife

We started this blog as an outlet to document our journey of raising three children, one who happens to be transgender. Our hope is to share the good, the bad and the ugly that comes with raising kids. We know we are not alone in the fact that parenting can be tough, but we are also learning that we are not alone in raising a child that is transgender. As we have walked through this journey the last several months with our child, we have discovered how little support there is for families trying to adjust to this new normal. There are so many emotions that we experience in any given day, that writing about our experiences will not only serve as a journal for us to look back on and see our progress, but maybe to help another family who may be walking this path as well.

There have been some very significant moments that have happened in our lives since our child found the courage to come out as transgender and we will be writing about all these moments over the next few days to get up to date.

❤︎ Just Parents