Is school out yet?!?!

by justparentsinlife

So, about that manual?!?! We could sure use one sometimes…The issues that arise from raising a transgender child are all consuming and sometimes overwhelming. We are counting down the days for school to get out. It has been an extremely rough last half of the school year. Our son has been transitioning and we haven’t announced it to the world yet, so the school children are seeing our child as even more different than they already did.

The boys don’t want our child to play with them citing “no girls allowed” and the girls don’t want to play with our child because they don’t like to play, they like to hang out and talk about “girl stuff” according to our son. Our child wants to play. Play soccer, play kickball, play basketball, play anything. He does not want to sit around and talk about girl stuff. It’s heartbreaking to hear that he doesn’t fit in anywhere and we cannot wait for this school year to end.

Hearing about kids pointing their finger and laughing at your child are harsh. Hearing about kids making fun of our child makes our blood boil. Hearing that our child is spending his recesses alone is heartbreaking. Watching our child sit alone is the worst. I (mom) have seen it with my own eyes when I have been on campus.

It is so hard to figure out if we are doing the right thing. Should we have announced to the school he is transgender and will now be referred to as male? Should we have pulled him from school to prevent the sadness? What is the right thing to do? What is the wrong thing to do? So many questions that nobody holds the answer to. It’s times like these that we wish there was a manual.

We are excited to finish out fifth grade so that there can be a full transition. The plan is to start sixth grade at a new school (still figuring this out and that manual could be useful) as a boy. Hopefully, the stresses of school ending will eliminate some of the moodiness and behavior issues our son has been experiencing. Wish us luck as we try to navigate the other school options that exist. We only have one more week of school as a girl who looks like a boy, we hope we can make it…

❤︎ Just Parents