What’s in a name…

by justparentsinlife

Since our child told us he is transgender, he said he needed a new name. That his name reminded him of all things girl and he just needed a new name. We tried to reason with him that maybe one of the reasons all our daughters were named gender neutral names, was because we somehow knew and that his name could easily pass for a male name as well. It didn’t work. We have spent months pondering a new name. I (mom)  had requirements for what needed to be in the name. Some may think that is crazy or selfish, but I don’t care. 😉 I told my child that my one right after birthing my baby was to choose whatever name I WANTED. I told him, he can change his name, but I have to approve of it.

We made the decision that once school was out, he could start living completely in his new name and new pronouns, but we just couldn’t decide on that name. Who knew so much thoughts and opinions would go into a name?!?! Not only was it my husband and I trying to decide, we now how to include our son in this new naming process. It is so hard to find a perfect name for your baby, but it is even harder to name your child 11 years later.

We were driving last week, two days before school got out, and I threw out a name and added the name our child wanted as the middle name. He liked it! Our youngest daughter was in the car and she like it too! So, we got home and talked to Daddy. He pondered it for a minute and I started to worry that he didn’t like it and we would be back to square one. He said the name out loud and shook his head yes and said he liked it. That was it! We named our 11 year old son for the first time, in the garage on a Tuesday evening. LOL Whew! I felt a sense of relief and that we were finally ready to start our Summer with our son and two daughters.

❤︎ Just Parents