Making friends

by justparentsinlife

Last week, our son was in his room playing legos and I (mom) went in to check on him. He seemed down, so I asked what was bothering him. He looked up at me with those sad, big eyes and said “I’m just lonely.” Ugh…my heart broke in half hearing those words. He doesn’t really have any close friends, nobody has reached out to him since school got out and now more than ever, he needs a friend or two that he can count on. He needs to feel like he fits in somewhere, that he belongs somewhere, somewhere that is safe for him to be himself. I told him we will start trying to find new friends and we decided to go to a support meeting that was coming up.

So, last night, I took our son to his first local PFLAG meeting that offers support to adults and those under 18. I had not been back since my initial meeting back in March and was hoping that the teens/tweens would show up and more importantly be kind to our son. When we walked through the door, we were greeted by my first friend and confidant, who got me to that meeting and we were both surprised and happy to see each other. Neither of us had been back since that meeting a few months ago. It made my heart happy to see her and she took our son right into the room where some teens were already at and introduced him to those she knew and said to take good care of him. I felt at peace as we sat down for our meeting. Several times, throughout our meeting, we could hear loud laughter coming from their room and that made me happy to hear that they are sharing fun things with each other as well as the heavy, deep stuff that comes from being LGBTQ.

When our meeting was over, my son came bouncing out with the biggest smile I had ever seen. His face was lit up! The teens were in tow right behind him and he asked if he could go to In N Out with all of them. I looked up and saw a group of teens that were clearly older than our son, but they were all smiling just as much. When I asked for the details, they let me know that they all fell in love with our son and think he is adorable and funny and that they were going to eat some burgers and wanted him to come too. So, we followed the teens over to eat some burgers. I sat at a nearby table to give him some space, but be close enough to sort of listen in. This group of kids were wonderful! They were fun, they were all cracking jokes and sharing fun stories, they made up names for each other and were all assigned a role in our sons life. He was given a mom, dad, aunt, uncle, godmother and godfather. They exchanged social media information since our son does not have a phone yet and just had a great time. One of the boys came over near me and I thanked him for being so kind and welcoming to our son and he genuinely said that although he just met him, he really likes him and thinks he is a great kid. My heart melted. These teens all had something in common – kind hearts, big personalities, loving souls.  You just can’t ask for more than that out of a teenager!

Before we left, they all took a group selfie, gave hugs and told our son that they hope to see him at the next meeting. Sometimes, you just need to feel like you belong and these teens did so much for our sons spirit. I can’t thank them enough…

❤︎ Just Parents