Now, we wait.

Last week, we finally got to go to *Children’s Hospital Los Angeles* and meet the doctor and staff at *The Center for Transyouth Health and Development*. We have been waiting for this appointment for 10 weeks. Our appointment was at 3pm on a Friday. If you are familiar with Los Angeles, then you can understand what that entails. It took us almost 2 hours to get there and just over 2 hours to get home. We were all a little nervous. My hubby had a lot of questions and I had anxiety at just the unknown of it all. Our son told us in the lobby that he was nervous too.

The staff was beyond amazing. They were all friendly and tried to make us feel at ease. I was under the impression that the doctor would rush through our appointment, like most doctors have to do, so when she walked in and asked what our story was, I started with “Well, the short story is…” and she cut me off and said she would like to hear the long story, pulled up her chair and sat down to listen. It was in that moment that my anxiety eased, but my emotions skyrocketed. She wanted to listen. She cared about our story. It was a breath of fresh air and I had to try really hard to not let the build up of my emotions come pouring out of my eyes. I knew in that moment, that she was going to walk this journey with us and that we were not alone in the fight for the care that our son is going to need throughout his journey. She spent about 40 minutes with us, never rushed us and answered all the questions we had. She reassured us that all was going to be ok. I loved her and could have hugged her upon our goodbye, but thought that that might have been a little much for our first visit 😂.

Today, we had his blood drawn to start the process of hormone blockers. He has never had to give blood before (thank goodness for his healthy body), so he was nervous. The tech was wonderful and explained the whole process while showing us a bit of a comedic side. She tried to ease his anxiety. He did amazing. He gave 6 vials of blood, never looked at the needle in his arm and only had a few tears leak out his eyes. I looked him in the eyes afterwards and said to him that this is just the beginning of his long journey and that he will always need to remember to be brave as this is something that will become the norm for him. 😕 I hated having to tell him that. He is still struggling with depression and feelings of sadness as to why he couldn’t have just been born “right”. I assured him that I will always be by his side and that he will never have to undergo any sort of medical care without me there to support him.

So, now, we wait. We wait for lab results. We wait for insurance approval. We are hopeful that since we are in California and our insurance is based in California, that they will approve the procedure the first time it is submitted. However, our new doctor assured us that they are there every step of the way and will help appeal the insurance if a denial is received. Our fingers are crossed that California is progressive enough in their transgender care that they will approve on the first request and that we can get our son on the road to feeling more like a boy. But, if that is not the case, this momma bear is ready to fight for our sons medical rights. Fingers are crossed that it all goes smoothly. We will update once we hear back from our insurance, so in the meantime, please keep us in your positive thoughts for a speedy approval process.

❤︎ Just Parents