Words are so powerful

My BFF is amazing at articulating just the right words to create a powerful message, it’s what she does for a living. Recently, I sent her one paragraph that I wrote in a moment of anger and hurt, that I wanted to share with those around us about our son. I knew it was time to start addressing the folks in our community as school is going to start soon and I was going to be bombarded with questions about why my child was no longer at the school. I also learned that some kids found out about our son and were talking amongst each other and I wanted to set the record straight for their parents. My hubby didn’t like my paragraph as it was too aggressive. I was so hurt, that I didn’t care if it came off aggressive. I was in momma bear mode and didn’t like knowing people were talking about us instead of to us about what they had heard. I am sure he was right and that I shouldn’t send the paragraph, so, I asked my talented BFF to edit it. She took that one lousy paragraph and turned it into a masterpiece. It was so beautiful that when I read it, I was moved to tears. Instead of me sending out a letter to let parents know about our child, it was a letter that was sure to get people thinking and hit them right in their heart. It was powerful.

Recently, I started sending the letter out in small batches to those parents that had children that were friends with our child. The responses back were immediate and filled with love. I spent the entire day in tears, reading these parents words of support and encouragement, their comments on how brave our child is and how they stand beside us. I would read the comments to our son and I could see the light turning on in his eyes. So, I decided to send it out to more than just our school community and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Some replied to my message, some reached out via text and some picked up the phone and called to offer support. I don’t think I have ever cried so many tears of happiness.

This journey has not been easy, nor will it ever be easy, but this is not a lifestyle choice, this is who our child was born to be and making him be anything less than what he was born to be is just not fair. Our son has been battling some serious depression lately and when we went to the doctor that monitors this, yesterday, I brought up the concern that we had been having. I also told the doctor that it seems recently though, he has been doing better. He has seemed a little bit happier and less dark than what we had been dealing with. The doctor asked our son what he thinks may be making him feel better and our son told the doctor about the letter we had been sending out and that all the messages of love back to us/him has really made him feel so much better. I almost cried. As a mom, I want to protect my child from all the hurt that I can. I drug my feet in telling the world, in an effort to protect him from hurt within our community. It was that reluctance that was weighing him down. Now, he feels free to be himself, he feels loved and supported by those that matter and even those that don’t know him and is just a little bit happier, thanks to that letter.

I wanted to share some of the wonderful words of support we have received back from those that received the letter. Words are so powerful and have the ability to lift up someone as easily as tear them down. These words have been so uplifting, I am incredibly thankful for that. The words back to us were just as powerful as our message we sent out ::

“I wanted to let you know that I raise my girls to not hate or to discriminate in any way what so ever. The girls and I are believers and attend church regularly and believe God loves everyone no matter their gender etc.”

“I guarantee me & my children are behind him 100%. ❤️”

“Your message had me in tears, not just because opening up like this has to be scary for you .. but because you’re helping your child live his best life.”

“I am blown away by his courage at such a young age to have the strength and understanding to come to this decision. It speaks volumes of your family and you and your husband as parents.”

“Love is Love and I’m happy he is surrounded by incredibly supportive parents.”

“What a brave, courageous and absolutely amazing boy you have! You must be soooo proud! I know that I am proud to call him my friend. You have my support 110% and I can’t even imagine the pride you must be feeling.”

“Tell your son that he has our full support and what a brave human being he is.”

“I am glad that you are open-minded and support him in his decision to live his life as he feels.”

“He is so super brave for taking this journey that most adults who are facing these feelings are too fearful to begin.”

“I want you to know that you will only get love and support from my whole family. I can only pray that you get the same from everyone else. I believe my job on this planet is to love my neighbor as myself. And I don’t think that means only if they are just like me.”

I don’t know how to articulate how awesome I think you all are. Wow… Just, wow. The absolute definition of true, unconditional love.

With love,

Just Parents ❤︎