Just keep fighting…Just keep fighting…

by justparentsinlife

So, I thought the fight was over and that we were moving forward with our sons surgery…I was wrong. I cannot believe how difficult this whole process has been. Now, I am fighting with the pharmacy and their lack of care or concern to get the approval processed and order the medication needed. CHLA and I have spent the last two weeks fighting Caremark. Faxing over the approvals and prescriptions, following up and re-faxing approvals and prescriptions and getting nowhere. I cried again today. Tears of frustration have become a normal part of my routine. Its been 90 days since we saw Dr. Olson-Kennedy. I thought we would have had the procedure by now, but here I am, still fighting for my sons medical right to hormone blockers.

I worry daily that it’s going to be too late by the time we get the surgery scheduled. I worry daily that irreversible puberty will kick in before we get it all handled. I worry daily about what that will do to my sons mental health. I am carrying this tremendous worry around that has me constantly in tears and easily on the verge of a mental breakdown. I keep telling myself in my best “Dory” voice (from Finding Nemo), “Just keep fighting…Just keep fighting.”

I feel like as soon as the surgery is done and the medicine kicks in, it will be a huge sigh of relief, the worry will lift and we can just enjoy our life again. I know that there will always be worries as parents, but, this surgery will allow us a year to just settle in and enjoy our son. Please keep us in your positive thoughts as we continue to hold onto that “ounce of hope” that it will all resolve itself soon.

♥︎ Just Parents