We did it!

by justparentsinlife

We did it! We got a surgery date for our son to get his hormone blockers! I don’t even want to go into all the obstacles we had to overcome to get here, I just want to relish in the moment of accomplishing this monumental task for our son. I feel elated, relieved and overwhelmed.

The surgeon is booked out to January. When I heard this last Friday, tears welled up in my eyes and my mind raced through a thousand things that could happen between now and January.  His surgery scheduler was so amazing and she said the doctor knows how hard this is to get approved and how long the process can be and that he does all he can to help accommodate his patients that had to fight for the procedure. She told me that she will speak to the doctor about our specific case and get back to me. She called yesterday afternoon and said ‘Can you be here next Tuesday at 8am?” The fact that this doctor is willing to squeeze my son in within a week makes me want to give him the biggest bear hug ever, when we meet him next week!

So, to recap, we got our referral approved and appointment scheduled back on May 1oth. The first available date the doctor had was July 22nd. We spent the next 10 weeks fighting our medical group and insurance provider. We spent the next 4 weeks fighting with the pharmacy and our medical group about the prescription and where it was going to be filled at. Then finally, it took 4 additional days to get the appointment scheduled at the surgery center. It has been one hell of a fight, but I would do it all over again for any one of my children.

Thank you to my husband who had to endure all my emotionally charged phone calls, some which bordered on mental breakdowns, thank you to my best friend for always having the right words of encouragement, thank you to all our family and friends that checked in on us and kept us in positive thoughts and to those who prayed for us. Thank you to my blog followers that offered words of encouragement and support along the way. Most importantly, thank you to our son, who throughout it all, kept calm. He told me yesterday that the reason why he wasn’t worried is because he knew it would happen. I am going to take that as he knows he has a momma bear that never backs down, never gives up and will always fight, so long as I am living, for what is right, what is fair and for what my children need/deserve.

♥︎ Just Parents