Life is Good

by justparentsinlife

I haven’t posted in several months, mostly because there isn’t anything new to post as far as our sons journey pertains to. Life has been settling into our new normal since the hormone blocker in November. We are dealing with typical pre-teen angst, on top of a little body dysphoria, but other than that, life has been good.

We recently signed our son up for some mixed martial arts boxing classes and he LOVES it! He goes twice a week and its been excellent for him. The workouts are just what he needs and he sleeps so well these two nights! The kids are all great and he just blends in with no issues. There are a couple parents there that know he is transgender, and have been nothing but supportive of us being there. We did not tell the coaches as we weren’t sure of their reactions and decided that he can just go to class as a boy with no labels. If something comes up or there is a time that it needs to be brought to their attention, we are hoping that they will be accepting as they have grown to like him more and more each week. Sometimes, you just never know ones reaction, and we thought this could be good education for the coaches. Fingers crossed this all goes well as he loves it.

Sixth grade is coming to an end! I can’t believe theres just seven more weeks of school before he graduates from elementary and is off to middle school. Our son is accepted and loved at his school and has decided to stay there for the middle school program. There was a brief time that he thought he would like to integrate back into our home school, but that has passed. I (mom) am not sure how I feel about it all. I would love nothing more than to have my kiddo at school every day, with his friends since kindergarten, right down the street from our home. But, then I realize, that this school he currently attends has kept him safe, helped him thrive all year long and that, is peace of mind for sure. He told me the other day when I asked about a promotion ceremony at the school, that the teacher chose our son and another classmate to speak at the ceremony. I was surprised and excited and nervous for him all at the same time. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say, but since we all know what a story teller he can be, I am a little nervous too! LOL

We are planning a twelfth birthday party for next month. It is a pool party, which surprised me, since he has some body issues. I am glad he is not letting it hold him back and hope the party is a success! We will be blending kids who knew our son pre transition with kids he has met after transition. I am sure I will be nervous all day, but they are a good bunch of kids and should blend well for a few hours.

Thats it for now…thanks for taking the time to read and catch up on our lives. I will try to update more often for the family that is following along the journey…

♥︎Just Parents