The Big Day!

by justparentsinlife

It has been three months to the day that I have last updated our journey. Life happens to pass by so quickly that it is hard to keep up. I should have made an entry back on November 15th as we had a life altering event that our son has been waiting for. He started Testosterone! It is a very small dose to start mimicking puberty in your average 12, almost 13 year old boy. He has been waiting for this moment since the doctor advised us that she would consider it at our last check up. I was a little worried about the injection part. I did NOT want to stick a needle in our kiddo, so when our super rad nurse came in to educate us on how to perform the weekly treatments, I was relieved when he told our son that this is his journey, his responsibility and that if mom is ok, he should learn to self administer. With a quick glance my way and a reassuring nod by myself, he said ok.

We spent the next 30-45 minutes being educated on how to sterilize and dose properly. Who knew there were so many steps to complete BEFORE you can even administer the teeny tiny amount of T that he is receiving. To say I was super proud of our son for giving his first injection to himself would be an understatement. It was also a bit of relief to me since I knew I would just have to supervise the process and not actually inject. I know, I know, I am a baby, but I just couldn’t imagine inserting needles into one of my children. Don’t get me wrong, I would if I HAD to, but I don’t, so yay for me. 😂

When we left the clinic that night, it was already dark and we had about a five block hike back to our car. (Parking in Los Angeles is never easy, but even worse on street sweeper days.) The evening air hit our faces and I turned to my son to tell him how proud I am, how brave that he was back in there and give him a big hug and he started bawling. I quickly assessed the situation to determine tears of sadness or happiness and thankfully, they were happy tears. He bear hugged me and said how happy he is and how thankful he is for all the support we provide him and of course, tears hit my face. This kid can be a huge pain in my ass, but moments like this, make it all worthwhile.

It has been five weeks since our son has started his first injection. He is taking weekly selfies to document the journey, although I feel like maybe monthly selfies may show a greater change. But, I am just the mom, so I stay quiet and let him do his thing. Other than this defining moment in our lives, everything has been quite normal. He is a typical pre-teen. Mouthy, know it all, lazy, video game loving boy. But, that is ok because we know he is healthy, happy and just where he was meant to be in his journey. He is your average boy to everyone we meet and that makes my heart, and his happy.

♥︎Just Parents