Happy Transaversary

by justparentsinlife

Two years ago, today, our child, at the very young age of 10, had the courage, bravery and vocabulary to let us know he is transgender. Today, two years later, we celebrate his *transaversary* as he calls it. The date wasn’t even stuck on my (mom) mind. We were driving to school yesterday when he mentioned it to me. I was like, wow…two years ago?!?! So much has changed in two short years, but sometimes, it seems like a lifetime ago.

We have adjusted to our new normal in such a way that I sometimes forget that we have a story to tell. We don’t want being trans to be the center focus in our home, we want our son to just be our son and we think we have done a great job in accomplishing that. Yes, there are many reminders that he is trans, but to us, he is just our son.

The strange thing about it all is that I remember that day clearly, but yet, it feels as if we have always had a son, we were just late to the party for realizing this. Facebook memories pop up all the time and sometimes, when there is a memory of our son from before he transitioned, we think, how did we miss the signs…You see, our son has always been our son, he was just assigned female at birth. A technicality, if you will. He didn’t just become a boy one day, he has always been one. Reflecting over his childhood, he was always different. He walked different, he talked different, he dressed different, he played different. He loved different. He was different than I. He was different than his older sister. And that is because he was a boy and everyone was treating him like a girl. We were already purchasing boy clothes, we had always purchased boy toys and we always threw boy themed parties. How did we not see the signs?!?!

I suppose it doesn’t seem like an anniversary or transaversary, to me. Its just a Thursday. It’s not a day I choose to celebrate, because I would be lying if I said two years ago today is a date I want to remember. It was a tough night. It was a lot to take in and understand. I don’t want to relive it. I don’t think my husband does either. But, our son, he celebrates today because today was the day he was able to use his voice and express himself, so for that, I say Happy Transaversary, Son. We love you. We are proud of you. We are thankful for the lessons we have learned over these last two years and look forward to watching you grow into a young man.

♥︎Just Parents